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California bands & Bander Tool


25 bands come in one pack at a cost of €75.00 and the tool is €95.00 so to start the total is €170.00
Price:  €170.00
(including 23 % VAT)

This is the simplest, quickest and easiest tool to use on the market. Animals can be banded in seconds. The beauty of the bander is that you don't have to try and feed the testicles through a loop like other methods. With the bander you work above the testicles, holding the scrotum and looping the band around. Simple, quick, esayand less expensive than other methods.

Full instructions come with the kit inc. DVD. Many farmers are delaying castration to take advantage of the higher growth rates of entire animals. Research shows that if you leave bull calves intacttypically grow 15% faster and will convert feed 20% more efficiently than steer calves. Banding is safer and less stressful than surgical castration especially when used on more mature animals.

This kit includes the tool you will need 25 bands to get you started. Bands also sold seperately.

Don't forget to take a look at the link below for a helpful video on using the Bander tool!