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New Choice’ drainage piping generates floods of interest.

Don’t be fooled by the recent spell of good weather. The reality is that the combination of high rainfall levels and poorly structured soils means that poor drainage remains the single largest constraint to plant and crop growth within Irish agriculture. The problem also leads to livestock doing long term damage to waterlogged land during unseasonably wet weather. There is also the added cost incurred by farmers who cannot graze poorly drained land in the early Spring and late autumn.
So much for the problems! The good news is that farmers in  Ireland can now avail of a revolutionary ‘New Choice’ drainage system which is tremendously effective in removing surplus water, but which can be put in place quickly and effectively. “The piping requires no chips or stone  back filling,” explained Seamus Hession of Connacht agri supplies ltd , “The pipes are made from unique, polypropylene plastic strands. This tri-dimensional material with 360 degree porous holes gives high perforation and high water carrying capacity. What’s  more, the geotextile filter stocking, which surrounds the polypropylene core, avoids blocking from peat, sand and soil particles without the use of pebbles and chippings. The new product is suitable for drainage operations on all agricultural land types.”
Groundwater is held by soils within pores, which are the small voids or spaces between the grains that make up the soil. The microscopic make-up of the piping has porous openings providing space for the ground water to occupy. The centre of the pipe itself can be thought of as one big pore. Therefore, in a collector drain, there is a “gradient” of hydrostatic pressure from the soil via the bedding into the pipe along which the groundwater will migrate to the point of lowest hydrostatic pressure, ie: the inside of the pipe. This provides a path of least resistance for the groundwater to follow, compared with the situation prevailing when left to its own devices. Water flows down even the gentlest of slopes. Land drainage works by providing a path of least resistance for groundwater to follow to a disposal point, such as an open drain or a river on a lower level.“The new piping is covered by a filter membrane made of polypropeleyne fibres with excellent erosion resistance and a tri-dimensional network made of polythene,” Seamus further explained.
“These materials will not decompose in soil and water. The new choice piping comes in rigid 6 meter lengths for perfect no bowing drainage falls. It has very good flexibility and is adaptable to the earth's natural distortion.

“High perforation opening rate in the pipe surface guarantees good water collection and drainage properties. The perforation opening rate is 90- 95 %, which is above all other drainage piping. It can effectively collect water in soil and drain the water off without the use of gravel because of the geo textile filter used.”

New choice filtered drainage piping is a brand new concept in land drainage in Ireland , this concept was invented & patented by the japanese  in the 1990s.This revolutionary new product has been sold in 22 countries for the past 12 years around the world. Seamus & Robert Hession managing directors of  Connacht Agri supplies ltd have been awarded sole distributors for the uk & Ireland & are delighted  to introduce this revolutionary new drainage concept to Ireland. This system works on the same concept as the concrete clay or tile drainage pipes these pipes worked without the use of any stone or gravel but were short in length & only 7% porous.
New choice drainage piping comes in 6 meter lengths  are  90% porous  and comes with a non blocking  geotextile non woven needle punched polypropelyne filter sleeve that will not rot or decompose attached to each pipe. the pipes are available in the following sizes 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm. This system is 80% more efficient than the aforementioned methods. New choice filtered drainage piping works by soaking water directly from the soil without the use of any pea gravel or chips. The filter works without getting blocked because of  the use of the soil as natures best filter system in cleaning the water on its migration to the piping. The fact that the soil is filled directly around the pipe enhances the filtering system leaving no voids or vacuums for silt, spa, iron oxide ,etc to build up.

New choice drainage piping dries the ground around the pipe creating negative hydrostatic pressure within the soil.  This in turn will always direct the water via the path of least resistance  to the hydrostatic ground pressure, hence drying the surrounding earth soil etc.
New choice drainage piping will drain water from most soils clay peat boggy or moory ground, without the use of stone chippings, gravel etc. Of course one very important attribute of the new choice drainage piping is The savings which can be as high as 35%  as opposed to other drainage  methods.