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Spec On Drainage

Negative Hydrostatic is when there is Low moisture in the soil positive Hydrostatic pressure is High moisture, 


 Figure 5 total porosity in soil surface layer, as affected by negative Hydrostatic pressure relieves
The top of the graph is in hours and the left hand side is moisture levels
    Positive Hydrostatic pressure is reduced to negative hydrostatic pressure in 16 hours after instaling 3D
filtered land Drainage pipe ,
positive hydrostatic pressure a cores in wet land where the water table is to high and the water has no
where to go and cause the pore system to swell in soils. when the New choice  filtered pipe is installed it relieves the
presure in the water table and lowers the pressure to negative which dries out the soil
pictures on the right hand side shows what happens to drainage pipes that use stones for filter 












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